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MyHospital® is a connect and communication service that provides healthcare professionals and staff unlimited access to hospitals throughout the United States. Our mobile application provides full hospital details, driving directions and direct dialing to all floors and departments located within each hospital.


Full access to hospital locations, departments and floors

One click dialing for all hospital numbers

Secure HIPPA compliant group texting

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What MyHospital® Has

View Hospital and Get Driving Direction

View local hospitals and get access to addresses and phone numbers. One click directions to any hospital.

Call Hospital Department and Floors Directly

No more searching for hospital numbers you use every day! Dial directly from your phone with one click dialing.

Create Groups with Collegues and add other members

More features to communicate with partners' colleagues, staff, or group members in a HIPAA compliant design.

HIPAA Compliant Instant Messaging

Text with group members knowing your messages are secured and protected!

Send offline messages and pictures

not online? No worries, your messages, text and pictures will be sent via HIPAA compliant communication when you want to send and receive.

Become a member to get unlimited access to the hospitals your work in

Save your hospitals to quickly find and retrieve the numbers you need and use every day.

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One of the best apps in the market of it's kind.

  • No need to save or remember phone numbers - one click dialing
  • All hospital data at your fingertips in one place
  • Intract with your colleagues in a highly secured HIPPA compliant system
  • Never lose your messages or group conversions
  • Synced across all devices in real time
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Create groups and exchange your thoughts freely knowing that all is encrypted and HIPPA compliant. Switch groups or invite your colleagues to join you in a collaborative environment.