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What kinds of questions can I ask here?

This community is for users of the MyHospital® app. You can ask questions about:

  • App functionality
  • App bugs
  • Updated App versions
  • Any MDpocket eReference related questions
  • App availability 

Other users may also be asking about the same subject as you - so before posting, please be sure to use our 'Search' feature at the top right of the page to look for your question. 

Please avoid asking questions that are too subjective and argumentative or not relevant to the app.

What should I avoid in my questions?

Due to the public nature of the FAQ page, we ask that you please refrain from asking any questions that deal with yours or others personal information. This includes questions about your current subscription, billing/shipping information and/or your personal profile. Please keep in mind that these questions are meant to address realtime problems or bugs that you face on the MyHospital® app. Theoretical or unrelated problems should not go in this forum and can instead be emailed directly to  

To prevent your question from being flagged and possibly removed, avoid asking subjective questions where …

  • every answer is equally valid: “What’s your favorite ______?”
  • your answer is provided along with the question, and you expect more answers: “I use ______ for ______, what do you use?”
  • there is no actual problem to be solved: “I’m curious if other people feel like I do.”
  • we are being asked an open-ended, hypothetical question: “What if ______ happened?”
  • it is a rant disguised as a question: “______ sucks, am I right?”

If you fit in one of these example or if your motivation for asking the question is “I would like to participate in a discussion about ______”, then you should not be asking here but on our mailing lists. However, if your motivation is “I would like others to explain ______ to me”, then you are probably OK.  

What should I avoid in my answers?

Answers should not comment other answers. Instead add a comment on the other answers.

Answers should not just point to other questions. Instead add a comment indicating "Possible duplicate of...". However, it's fine to include links to other questions or answers providing relevant additional information.

Answers should not just provide a link to a solution. Instead provide the solution description text in your answer, even if it's just a copy/paste. Links are welcome, but should be complementary to the answer, such as referring to sources or additional reading.

Answers should not start debates This community Q&A is not a discussion group. Please avoid holding debates in your answers as they tend to dilute the essence of questions and answers. For brief discussions please use commenting facility.


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