HIPAA Messenger

MyHospital® is a secure, HIPAA compliant instant messaging connection and communication system. Designed for everyday use by all healthcare professionals, hospital staff or anyone working in or for a medical center or hospital. Our instant messenger solution provides individuals, groups, and organizations of any size with secure, private messaging. Our messenger works on all handheld devices including phones and Ipad mini tablets to provide you with unlimited access to the individuals and groups you work with everyday.


Easy-to-use, feature-rich application! Your staff can privately exchange and archive instant messages and data all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

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Instant Messaging Features

Cross Device

  • PC & Mac cross-compatibility

  • Log into multiple devices from a single account

  • Have access across all devices at any time

Scheduled Messaging

  • Set your availability to limit your off time interruptions

  • Multiple options to protect your time and disconnect so you are not bombarded with messages

    Engineered Reliability

    • Always secure, always available 

    • Engineered to provide 99.99% up time 

    • Load balanced servers with active firewall and built-in redundancy means MyHospital is always available when you need it

    Encrypted Data

    • Keep all your information private and your patient's data secure

    • All data is encrypted when sending, receiving, or archiving messages

    No Size Restrictions

    • Never be limited on file size, text length, or how many messages you send or receive

    • Securely send high resolution photos, charts, and documents to your colleagues or groups

    Group Messaging

    • Quickly message individuals and groups to improve your efficiency and team collaboration

    • Let your group know when you have arrived or are available 

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